4 Advantages of Working With a Google Partner Company


Choosing a marketing partner for your small business can be a difficult task because it involves so much trust. You don’t want to trust your brand’s story–and your brand’s success–to just anyone. So, how do you choose the right company? An easy but important place to start is determining whether they are a Google Partner.


What is a Google Partner Company?

A Google Partner company is any company that manages ads on behalf of other brands and businesses that has been awarded a Google Partner badge. These ads can be any Google ad campaigns, but often involve pay-per-click advertising (PPC advertising).


If you’ve ever used a PPC campaign for your business, you understand that working with someone who will be worth your time and money is important. A Google Partner badge can give you some instant information on the company you’re considering.


Google started the Google Partners program as a way to determine the credibility of advertising agencies and third parties who manage Google ads, as well as to provide training to companies that participate in the program. This program provides tools, resources and support to these companies to allow them to provide the best service to their customers.


A Google Partner Certification lets you know that company will be better for your business. Here are a few reasons why.


Partners work directly with Google

This may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s talk about why this is important. Google Partners have access to a Google Account Manager who provides them with resources and help when needed. Because the company is always innovating, this can mean access to the newest features, giving you a leg up on your competition.


Partners have experience & expertise

To become a Google Partner, a company must have managed at least $10,000 in ad spending in the last 90 days at the time of being awarded the badge. This criterion proves the business has been trustworthy enough for several clients to invest their time and money into the company and to continue to do so. If you’re looking for someone with at least a few rodeos under their belt, check for a Google Partner badge. That badge is never awarded without that experience.


Partners must stay up to date

Google does not simply award Partners a badge and move on to the next candidates. To remain a Google Partner, companies must keep up with the latest in advertising trends and technology. In fact, one of the benefits of becoming a Google Partner is industry-leading education on new practices and philosophies behind ads that work well. When you work with a Google Partner, you reap the benefits of this education.


Partners innovate

Because the Google company is constantly improving their methods and pushing their industry forward, they expect their Partners to share that mindset. Being a Google Partner means participating in that innovation, whether that be through beta product testing or personal innovation. For example, here at Hyport Digital, we just discovered a better way to serve display ads.


In order to keep our clients first and put them ahead of their competitors, we’ve begun implementing our new strategy already in several products. The Google Partners program promotes this attitude of innovation in all Partners, making them the better choices for your advertising needs.


Conclusion: Check the badge

Looking for a Google Partner badge can be a quick and easy way to assess a company’s credibility. If you’re planning to run a Google ad campaign or improve your sem for your small business, working with a Google Partner can boost you beyond your competition. While you’re thinking about Google Partners, check out our badge in the footer of this page! And if you’re ready to work with a Google Partner for your advertising needs, contact us today




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