4 Ways to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19


As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, people are being pushed to challenge themselves. How can we manage to stay connected with family and friends, while maintaining proper social distancing? How will we fill our days? How will we stay physically and mentally healthy? The list of questions goes on, while the COVID-19 numbers continue to grow. 


With the help of technology, quarantine has become more manageable for those fortunate to work from home. Zoom calls, Netflix, and virtual happy hours make it easy to stay connected and fill our days during quarantine, but for the 1.7 million Americans who earn an hourly income and 58.9 million small business employees, these times jeopardize job security, the ability to put food on the table, and above all, their health. It’s more important than ever to show up for our communities and support local businesses whenever we can. The smallest gestures can make all the difference.


Ordering food from local restaurants, shopping from small businesses, and donating your time and resources to help hospitals are just a few ways you can show up for your community (in addition to following quarantine rules). If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to virtually support local businesses, take a look at our recommendations below!


Online Shopping 

Do you have a favorite boutique, specialty store, or even salon? Many retail shops are offering curbside pickup or delivery, free of charge. You can stock up on your favorite hair products from your hair salon, pick up a toy for your little one or pet, or buy from a local bookshop! Make your quarantine more comfortable by purchasing the things that will make you and your family feel more relaxed during these stressful times. Instead of shopping at large corporations, choose your local retail shop. You’ll be supporting your community, and helping out a small business owner.

Another great way to support small businesses is to shop Etsy, an online global marketplace of independent sellers. Consider asking around your network of friends and family to learn if there’s anyone they know that is a small business owner or Etsy seller. Signing up for email communication can help you stay connected with small business owners, and learn more about their upcoming offerings. 


Bring The Restaurant To You

Take a break from cooking and bring your favorite restaurant to you! Ordering from local restaurants help keep local restaurants afloat – just don’t forget to tip your delivery driver! We recommend ordering directly from the restaurants’ website if possible, as many third-party providers take a portion of the funds. 


Gift Cards 

Did you miss a haircut due to quarantine? Consider buying a gift card to cover the cost of your haircut, including the tip, to help out local salons. You can also do this for nail salons, boutiques, and any other retail shop. This helps business owners maintain cash flow – remember, anything helps during these unpredictable times.


Online workouts 

Quarantine is the perfect time to put your skills to the test. Have you been interested in learning yoga, Pilates, or barre? Sign up for an introductory online class through a local studio! Most cities or towns have independently owned yoga or Pilates studios, that like other businesses, are suffering during this time. Show your support by signing up for an online class, and put your skills to the test! Alternatively, some local gyms are offering rentals on their exercise equipment. Check with your local gym to see if they are offering exercise rentals. It’s a win-win situation – you’re getting your workout in while supporting local. 



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