Are Facebook Ads Worth The Money?


With buzz around Facebook failing to comply with privacy regulations, more people are reconsidering whether to delete their social media altogether. In our September blog, Apple takes the lead in the war on internet privacy, we examined Netflix’s documentary, The Social Dilemma, and what it means for both individuals and businesses alike. In lieu of these recent events, businesses may be wondering: are Facebook ads worth the money?


Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are here to stay. After all, it’s how brands communicate with their audience, how friends and family stay in touch, allows people to discover events in their community, and creates a sense of community through groups and pages. Regardless of the current social media climate, Facebook is the leader in social media and has the largest growing user base, with 1.79 billion daily active users.


Despite Facebook Advertising being a little tricky to use, its powerful effects outweigh the level of difficulty. Your competitors are using it, your target audience is using it – to stay competitive and remain relevant within your target audience, Facebook Advertising is a must. These are crucial times for small businesses, and connecting with users is more important than ever. 


Below, we dive into the three reasons that answer your question:


Are Facebook ads worth the money? 


Reach Your Audience During Crucial Times


During these challenging COVID-19 times, Facebook Advertising is a critical tool that will put your business in front of your desired audience. With more people spending time at home, this results in increased time spent on social media. People can’t connect in person, so they are doing so on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is the perfect opportunity for your business to advertise on Facebook! 


Offer value to your target audience – think of how you can help your audience during these challenging times through your products and services, and use that as your messaging. 


Connect With Your Ideal Customer 


Did you know that Facebook currently has 2.7 billion monthly active users? As the largest social media platform, it’s safe to say that Facebook is a powerful tool for small business advertising. With advanced targeting tools that allow users to craft their ideal target audience, to analytics that provides measurable results to gauge how effective a campaign was, Facebook provides innovative digital advertising tools that help small businesses build effective marketing campaigns.



More Coverage = Higher ROI

Whether it’s promoting a new product line, giveaway, sale, or an event, Facebook Advertising is the perfect place to share this information. Since organic reach only enables you to share with your current network of followers, Facebook Advertising opens a new opportunity to connect with a new, targeted audience. Putting your ad in front of your target audience not only increases coverage, but will also increase your ROI. 


Experience Facebook Advertising Benefits Firsthand

Are you ready to launch a Facebook advertising campaign? Here are some tips from our digital ads team on how to craft the most effective campaign!



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