Creating Facebook Ads That Convert Into Sales

Are you looking to dive into the world of Facebook advertising? You’re in good company. There are around 7 million advertisers on Facebook, along with 2.32 billion monthly active users, according to a Facebook earnings statement.


Facebook even has its own Advertising Manager through which businesses can create highly-targeted advertising campaigns, view analytics, monitor spending, and more. For those looking to grow their business, build a follower base, and increase brand awareness, advertising on Facebook is an excellent place to get started.


Owning a Facebook Business Page, consistently posting, and maintaining positive reviews is one thing – advertising on Facebook is a whole new component. Before embarking on an ad campaign, you’ll have to dive deeper into how you want your company to be perceived, and determine whether you want to promote a specific product or service, or simply grow brand awareness and attract new customers. 


Fortunately, you’ll find Facebook is easy to learn and offers ample personalization to reach your target audience. Users can track how their campaign is performing through the


Ads Manager, where analytics are shown. Clicks, impressions, frequency, and CPC are just a few variables that are measured through Facebook that can give you insight on your audience. These metrics can help your business learn what practices are working and encouraging growth, so you can weed out the practices that don’t equate to growth.


Below we explore four strategies to help your business get the most out of Facebook advertising! 


Correctly Target Your Audience

Your Facebook campaigns won’t be successful without one critical component – a correctly targeted audience. If your ad isn’t targeted to the right audience, you won’t reach your advertising goals and conversion will most likely be low. After all, if you see an ad on your Facebook feed for something outside your interests, would you be likely to take action? The answer is probably no.


Avoid running into this issue by taking the time to map out three things: Who is your current audience, who is your ideal audience, and do you have more than one audience? You may think you don’t have more than one audience, but more than likely, you do. Think of a company like Apple. Their audience can be college students, just as much as it could be families or employers. Develop these target audiences, and consider deploying A / B testing to see which audience is more likely to respond to your ads.


Facebook allows advertisers to target people based on many demographics, such as age, location, gender, interests, and even education level. Use this to your advantage by creating  highly-targeted audience parameters that will be the most likely to convert to key actions. 


Choose Each Word Carefully 

It may sound bizarre, but Facebook users don’t necessarily want to spend time reading your brand’s content. If your ad contains too many words, users will simply scroll right past it. In an article on mobile advertising with Facebook, it was reported that the average human holds an attention span of 8.25 seconds. That means it’s important to have a well-crafted post that will both draw your audience in and encourage further action. Ads that have too much text or take too long to understand won’t be successful in the long run. 


With that in mind, a crucial aspect of building your Facebook ad campaign is being intentional about each word on your ad – does it add value, or is it just fluff? Get straight to the point with what you’re trying to communicate to your audience. How will your service or product improve the consumer’s life? Do you have something enticing to draw users in, such as a promo code, offer, or sale? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to create clearer and more concise copy that your audience is more likely to respond to. 


There’s no perfect answer to how often you should refresh your ad, as every business is different. But by tracking your advertising analytics through Ads Manager, you can gain insight on how your ads are performing, and learn when engagement typically starts to dip.


Be Intentional About Your Landing Page

Instead of sending potential customers to your contact or about page after they click on your Facebook ad, send them to a relevant landing page that will teach them more about your product or service, explain the benefits, and encourage them to take action. Consider the goal of this landing page. Do you want them to submit a contact form, purchase a product, or sign up for an event hosted by your business? Make sure your landing page is consistent with your ad, too, and that brand unity is present in both the landing page and the ad. Keep in mind that actionable content is crucial for retaining these potential customers, just as much as appealing imagery is. Be sure to pair strong imagery with direct language to create an actionable landing page.



Avoid Ad Fatigue 

Have you ever viewed the same commercial over and over, and found yourself changing the channel to avoid watching it again? You’re not alone. The average person views or hears 4,000 ads a day.


So it’s pretty common for people to get burnt out on consuming the same ad on a daily or even weekly basis. To avoid this, make sure you are regularly updating your Facebook ad with fresh imagery and wording. Some marketing experts recommend refreshing your ad every week or every two weeks, while others recommend every month. 


There’s no perfect answer to how often you should refresh your ad, as every business is different. What works for one business may not work for the next. But by tracking your advertising analytics through Ads Manager, you can gain insight on how your ads are performing, and learn when engagement typically starts to dip. This is a good tell-tale sign that you should start revamping your ad with new imagery and copy. 


Implementing these four strategies can promote growth and increase Facebook exposure to your brand. Follow these tips and get ready to see higher conversions and engagement. 


Still have some questions? We’re here to help.


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