Digital Marketing Trends for Architects and Home Builders in 2023


We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing trends specifically for architects and home builders. Each industry is unique and some techniques will work in one industry but not another. Architects and home builders have high competition, and it’s vital to find ways to set yourself apart by showcasing your unique style and design.


1. Interact with your followers on social media with surveys, Story stickers and comments.

Social media is the number one way you can interact with your target audience according to leading digital marketing trends. It offers a casual environment to chat with potential customers and generate new leads. If your firm doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, start there. Instagram is an image and video-based social media platform, and Facebook has become more and more visual as well. This gives you an opportunity to show off your home and building designs and give visual inspiration that your audience will find valuable. 

Focus your posts on engagement and interactions. Ask questions. Send out a short survey or quiz using Story stickers on Instagram. Most importantly, make sure you respond to comments on your posts, whether the question or comment is positive or negative. 


2. Film live videos on social media platforms to engage with your audience and give behind-the-scenes views of your work.

You don’t have to be a wiz at videography to engage with your audience. People are interested in the behind-the-scenes of an architectural firm or home builder company. Start live videos using Facebook Live or Instagram Live. Walk your audience through a building construction site and point out fun and interesting details that will help you gain credibility and authority. Make it fun and entertaining. Once you finish a live video, you can save that video on your profile for future viewing. If you want to succeed in small business digital marketing, the key is positive and regular engagement with your target audience.


3. Hire a professional photographer to shoot your best projects for your portfolio and social media pages.

When you don’t have a particular skill set, hire a professional who does! Find a local photographer who specializes in still shots and architectural photography. After you complete a home or building, schedule a time with the homeowner or company to bring in your photographer before the client moves in. If you’re looking for tips on marketing for architects or marketing for home builders, experts will tell you that high quality photos of your work can make or break your firm’s success. Before a business owner or homeowner chooses an architect or home builder, they will want to see your past work, and that comes from a strong, appealing website portfolio. Once you have spectacular shots of your project, highlight the new photos on social media to draw readers back to your website. 


When your audience sees the beautiful home or building that you’ve designed and built, they will keep you in mind for their future dream home or next commercial project.


4. Invest time and energy into Houzz and Pinterest to develop a following.

Marketing for home builders is very niche because of the nature of the work. While many small businesses only need to focus on Facebook and Instagram for their social media presence, home builders need to establish a consistent and professional presence on Houzz and Pinterest. Homeowners use Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration for their dream home. You never know when you’ll wow someone enough with your work that they want to hire you for their new home. Don’t just post photos of the exterior of the house. Showcase the unique details like custom shutters, handcrafted front doors or refurbished wood on the deck. You can put pins on your website that link to Houzz and Pinterest for people to save for later. These small details can set your home building company apart from your competition. Every home builder can build a home, so what makes you the best and most unique in the industry? When you segment your talent in this way, you’ll find new audience members on Houzz and Pinterest in the home services industry.


5. Upgrade your services by offering 3-D rendering and modeling .

A specialized method for garnering interest from your potential clients is to upgrade your services by offering 3-D rendering and modeling. If you are looking for the best tips on marketing for architects, showing off your work and design with 3-D rendering is sure to wow your customers. While rendering and modeling tools like Revit are an investment, it could mean the difference between signing a client and having them walk away. Visualization is the key to imagination in the home services industry, and you must find ways to set yourself apart from other similar firms in your area. Once you’ve done the work to create a digital model of your project, share a flythrough on social media to garner engagement from your audience. Small business digital marketing is all about building value and trust with your potential clients so it’s an easy “yes” when they meet with you!


Each industry is unique, so we want to give you marketing tips specifically tailored to your area of work. Architects and home builders have high competition, and it’s more important now than ever to take steps to set yourself apart. You can show off your talent and high quality designs in an authentic way using these digital marketing trends for architects and home builders.




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