Do I Stay or Do I Go? 10 Essential Features For Your Homepage

Did you know it only takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website? In that time, they’re deciding whether they like your site or not and whether to stay on the page or leave. In those precious milliseconds, you could be losing your next great customer. So what homepage features should you set up your site to ensure you capture their attention?


Here are a few of the top features your homepage should have to hook new customers.



10 Essential Features For Your Homepage

1. Clear and Concise Menu  

When people land on your website, they come with a preset intention, whether it’s a question they have or a service they need. To help these people fully, your site needs to have a menu that allows them to navigate from the homepage with ease.



2. Emotional Appeal

Everything on your website should have a purpose. Think through how you want your ideal client or customer to feel after reading through your homepage. Using emotional appeal in your copy and visuals can subconsciously persuade people to feel positively about your brand and enlist your services.


3. Top Products or Services

When creating a new website, you may feel pressured to include an exhaustive list of everything you offer. Consider instead featuring just your top products or services on your homepage. This will keep your ideal customer from feeling overwhelmed and confused.



4. Your Brand Story

Every business tells a story, no matter what industry or niche you’re in. This story begins when your ideal customer makes a connection with you either by seeing your logo, hearing a testimonial, or interacting with your website. Take some time to think through how you want to express your core values and incorporate that on your homepage so customers can then dive deeper into your brand’s story.



5. FAQ

Chances are potential customers have a boatload of questions they are looking to you to answer. To make your website particularly helpful, make sure you feature answers to frequently asked questions in a prominent section. This can begin on the homepage and then take visitors to a dedicated page with a simple click.



6. Search Function

Does your current website have a search function? If not, it should! Your customer needs to be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. If the process is too cumbersome or slow, chances are they will move on to the next competitor featured in their Google search.



7. A Strong CTA

A powerful “Call to Action” (CTA) can make a huge difference in how your website converts visitors to customers. When creating a new site, consider what your main goal is. If you have a top service or product you are offering, be sure to prominently highlight it on your homepage and feature a CTA that encourages them to set up an appointment or make a purchase. Don’t assume visitors will automatically know what to do, so be sure to use language like “click here…” to direct your customer to the action you want them to take.



8. Search Engine Optimized Title Tag

Every company wants their website to appear at the top of a Google search but not everyone knows the extreme importance of having SEO title tags. The title tag is the HTML element used to specify the title of a webpage. To have a better chance of securing a top ranking in a search engine, you need to make sure the title accurately describes what to expect from each page, including the homepage. This makes the page trustworthy.



9.Customer-Centric Messaging

Have you sat down and really thought about who your ideal customer is? Going through and creating a persona for your customers will help you create homepage messaging that will excite and entice people to interact with your brand positively. If you are stumped on how to create this persona, try asking questions of your current customers to see what their top challenges and wants are. You can then use this research in your website copy to further enhance your messaging and attract your ideal client.  



10. Value-Oriented Offers

One of the biggest online stumbling blocks for business owners is crafting a good value proposition for your site. A missing or poorly written value proposition could mean the difference between making your next sale and your potential customer pressing the “back” button. So what elements make a great value-oriented offer or proposition? To make an impact on your ideal customer, your offer must clearly explain how your product or service solves a problem, the benefits that come with it, and why they should buy from you and not a competitor.



Ready to freshen up your existing website or create a new site that gets you in front of your ideal customers?


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