How To Create an Impactful ‘About Us’ Page for Your Website

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A well-crafted ‘About Us’ or ‘About’ page is more than just a place to describe your company’s operations. It serves as the nucleus of your website strategy, providing visitors with valuable insights into your business, its values, and the people behind it. This crucial page presents an excellent opportunity to build trust, demonstrate transparency, and forge a personal connection with site visitors.

But if you’re just setting out to write your company’s About page for your website, don’t be intimidated by the gravity of the situation. Here at Hyport Digital, we’ve written quite a few About pages over the years, and we’re here to help you understand how to craft a truly compelling About Us page that will have potential customers feeling connected and inspired. Let’s dive in!


The Significance of an About Page for Your Website

First, let’s talk about why you need an About page in the first place. The importance of an About page for your website should not be underestimated. In the ocean of online businesses, especially small businesses with a local focus, this page can build rapport with your customers and draw in business by highlighting your unique business perspective and conveying your company’s story succinctly.

The About page also holds the important role of communicating your company’s values and philosophy. In a day where over half of customers say they’re more likely to choose a brand based on that company’s story, your About page is more than just a place to throw information for the curious–it’s a crucial part of your conversion strategy. Without an About Us page on your website, you are most likely missing out on potential customers, some of whom might assume that you have something to hide! So, what information should an About page include to make the most of its potential? Let’s talk about that.


Key Elements of an Impactful About Us Page

When it comes to writing an About Us page, keeping it clear and concise is key. The language should be accessible and the presentation neat; you want it to be inviting and easy to read, rather than something your potential customers will grumble through or give up on.

The About Us page can certainly be full of your company’s values and ideas, but remember that customers will most often visit the About page because they have informational questions. So, start with some basic information–your company’s history and mission, painting a picture of your journey and where you are heading. Think of the questions about your company that curious customers would want answered, such as:

  • When was the company founded?
  • Who is the owner/founder?
  • What expertise or experience did the owner have before founding the company?
  • What gave the founder the idea for the company?
  • How has the business grown or changed since its founding?

A few other pieces of information might benefit your company’s brand as well. Team bios can add a personal touch, allowing visitors to see the faces behind the brand, especially if your company sends team members into customers’ homes. Customer testimonials are equally important, as they offer social proof, enhancing credibility.


Implementing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) on the About Us Page

Once you’ve added the background information, you have a perfect foundation for explaining your company’s unique value proposition (USP). Effectively communicating your business’s USP is crucial for your website strategy. It sets your company apart from competitors and helps create a memorable impression in the visitors’ minds. Highlight what distinguishes your offerings, whether it’s your exceptional customer service, innovative products, or commitment to sustainability.

You may be wondering, shouldn’t the USP be obvious starting on the homepage? In short, yes! But remember, the About page is for people who want more information–in other words, they haven’t converted yet. Including your USP on the About page is a great way to go into greater detail and expand on what you’ve already made clear on the homepage. This way, your homepage stays streamlined for the quick-thinking customers, and the About page offers a more in-depth look for those who like to take their time.

Once your About page has the basic information for the curious, dive into the details on your company’s USP for the hesitant. Expand on your company’s “why”; why your company was founded, why it has grown, why customers love it, etc.

Explain how your company achieves its goals; Does your company operate with more integrity than your competitors, allowing you to offer better customer service? Do you have valuable connections with others in your industry, allowing you to offer a wider variety of services than your competitors? Connecting your company values and philosophy with the services your company provides is a sure way to help your customers understand your unique selling proposition.


Writing an About Page that Connects with Your Audience

The essence of effective marketing lies in generating an emotional connection with your audience. One of the most crucial ways to do this is through brand voice–in other words, the way your brand “talks” to people. Your brand voice should be developed based on your audience, your services or products, and what’s important to your company. For example, if you sell diapers for new mothers, you will probably choose a gentle, reassuring brand voice that communicates support for the customer’s potentially intimidating situation, as well as dependability for their little loved one.

On the other hand, if you sell tires for off-road motorcycles, you’d choose a bold, dynamic brand voice that communicates a love for adventure and tenacity in performance! The way you talk to your customers communicates to them that you understand and share their values, making them more likely to trust and buy from your company.

Your brand voice should be used any time you create written content for your customers, especially on your website, but the About page gives you a unique opportunity to let your brand voice truly shine. Tell your story with authenticity, staying true to your brand voice. Don’t shy away from recounting your challenges and celebrating your victories. Telling a story is one of the most human interactions we have; let that human element shine through, and you’re certain to have an About page that connects with your audience.


Understanding How to Write an About Us Page

By now you’ve realized creating an impactful About Us page involves strategic planning, drafting, and refining. When you’re ready to start drafting your About Us page for your website, keep in mind everything we’ve talked about so far. Understand the significance of an About page for your website strategy. Be sure to start with the key elements of an impactful About Us page. And remember to allow your brand voice to shine through as you write. With these tools in your toolbox, you are ready to craft your About page.

Start by defining your goal and identifying your audience. Once you have these, brainstorm and jot down ideas that best represent your brand. Write a draft, ensuring the ‘About Us’ page touches on all the essential points outlined earlier. Don’t be afraid to seek feedback and make revisions–your ‘About Us’ page should always be a work in progress!

Final edits are equally crucial to the drafting process. Be certain to proofread your content, checking for readability, clarity, and grammatical correctness. Don’t be shy to get other team members’ feedback! An easy rule of thumb in content creation is to never publish content without having at least one other person check over it for readability and tiny errors you’ve missed. Unless you are a strong writer yourself or know one personally, it’s best to hire a proofreader to check your work so that you can publish your About page with confidence.



In a world where online competition is intensifying, an engaging ‘About Us’ page is a powerful tool to differentiate your brand. It is foundational to your website strategy, enabling you to shape perception, build credibility, instill trust, and ultimately encourage customer engagement. If you have questions about your company’s website, your brand voice, or you’d like help crafting the content for your About page, contact Hyport Digital today. We’re happy to help!

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