How to Leverage Your Brand to Generate Sales Leads

As a small business owner, knowing how to generate leads for your business is vital to your success. More sales leads means more income for you and your employees. We understand that this can be a stressful part of owning your own business. But what if you could leverage your small business branding to create loyal customers and generate sales leads without a huge marketing budget?


It’s not a secret that your brand identity is vital to your success.


Check out a recent blog that we wrote about brand identity. A strong brand can sell your product and service for you. A poor brand could hurt your reputation and fall out of mind for your audience.

We’ve put together six ways that you can ensure your brand is helping you, not hurting you.

1. Put your logo everywhere and stay consistent.

When you hire a professional designer to create your company’s visual brand, it’s important to use all the various components of your logo on a consistent basis. Your brand style guide will serve as a map to make sure your brand is consistent and clean. If you have a beautiful logo, showcase it everywhere. Put it on yard signs, T-shirts, business cards, letterhead and social media. If your company name is printed anywhere, it should be with your professional logo. 


Your logo is the face of your business. The more consistent you can be with your visual brand, the more people will remember your company. Staying top of mind is the best way to generate sales leads.


2. Know your company story and share it creatively.

Your company’s brand identity is more than a logo design; it’s your story – it’s who you are. Make sure that you share your story with your audience on your website and social media. Then, find creative ways to get your face in front of viewers with video. Talk about your struggle to get where you are and how you’ve overcome. Establish your authority with your experience and hard work.


One article from QuickSprout stated, “If you market your brand properly, customers will be buying a portion of your story and making it part of their own.” Your story is unique. It automatically sets you apart from other companies because they cannot replicate it – it’s yours. Your company story can be a conversation starter for your customers and audience to share their own stories. It creates an emotional connection with the reader or viewer, which we’ll talk about next.

Source: QuickSprout


3. Connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Your small business branding is all about consistent connection with your customers. Some businesses are so focused on how to get more customers that they forget how to connect with their audience.


One article said it this way: “A product solves a physical need, while the brand focuses more on the customer’s emotional needs, solving a specific problem or concern.” When you connect with your audience emotionally, you are creating a stronger relationship with a potential customer. Your company’s story is a great place to connect emotionally. You can also evoke emotion in your social media posts, blogs and video content. However, make sure the emotions you bring up are positive in nature.


4. Transform happy customers into brand ambassadors.

You’ve probably heard it said that happy customers are better salespeople than your staff. If you are searching for how to get more customers, make sure you have satisfied customers who can share their experiences. Potential customers are more likely to consider your product or service if they can read or watch testimonials from other people just like them. 


Here are a few steps that you can take to transform past clients into brand ambassadors:

  • Create a referral program
  • Send thank you notes or gifts
  • Ask for reviews and testimonials
  • Film a video with you and your happy client
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Stay connected with your clients after they purchase


Not all of these tips will apply to every business, but they are good places to start. You’ll be amazed at how your new brand ambassadors can bring in more sales leads than any advertising you can purchase.


5. Highlight the people behind the brand to humanize your business.

While the logo is the face of your business, you are the person behind your brand.


Show your face!

It’s important for your audience to connect a human with a brand. Film some behind the scenes videos that show you and your employees working together for the good of your customers. Do a few employee highlights that introduce your employees and what they do at your business. Now more than ever, it’s vital to humanize your brand so people connect on a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to make videos that have personality. People want to buy from people.


6. Maintain authority in your industry.

Our last tip for leveraging your brand to generate sales leads is to be a credible authority in your industry. Write guest blogs on specific topics on other leading industry websites. Pitch articles to your local news sources.


Write educational blogs that help your audience solve specific problems that relate to your products or services. You are a professional in your field! Make sure your audience sees you as a credible source of information. This builds trust with potential customers when they see you as the expert. 



Your brand identity encompasses your visual brand, your brand voice and your company story. Advertising may draw in a potential lead, but your brand and your personality will make the sale. When you create a strong brand in your community, people will automatically think of you when a need arises. Continue to build trust and loyalty with your audience so you stay top of mind. 

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