How to Simplify Your Brand


As the digital age progresses, there is one consistent theme across our most successful modern technologies: simplicity. We can order our groceries with the click of a button, video chat with our doctors, rent electric scooters through an app, exercise with online spin instructors – the list goes on. With simplicity taking over our everyday lives, the best companies are applying this concept to their branding and marketing.


Businesses are striving to simplify their brand and make connecting with consumers as seamless as possible, whether it’s through communication methods, product awareness, or something as straightforward as returning a purchase. Reducing the friction can supercharge your business – the less hassle for the customer, the better.


Know Your Audience’s Communication Style 

Does your audience primarily communicate via phone, email, or text? Or do they prefer social media? Knowing this preference can help your brand develop a communication strategy that best fits your audience’s needs and habits. 

Create a streamlined communication plan that is hassle-free for the consumer. Closing the communication gap between the customer and your business will leave the consumer with a positive impression, making them more likely to return and to spread the word. When a consumer has a positive interaction with a brand, they are likely to share the experience with family, friends, or even social media followers (which is then the perfect opportunity to re-share on your business page!). Customers don’t want to spend time on automated phone systems, so be sure to enact efficient communication policies. 


Creating and Sharing Quality Content

Is your company known for a multitude of services or one specific type? Make clear what your brand provides and how can it positively impact the lives of consumers. To draw attention and sales through simple but engaging and actionable content, we recommend using video marketing. Placing a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.


Plus, one particular benefit of videos is how easy it is for users to share them on social media, creating more awareness of your brand.


Another important aspect to think about is that less is always more. When a consumer views your page, you only have a couple of seconds to keep their attention. Text-heavy pages tend to overwhelm people, so create a fruitful blend of text, images, and video to capture visitors’ attention with a compelling web page. Make sure long bodies of text are broken up by enlarged interesting facts, graphics, or videos. Always remember: quality over quantity. And you can also showcase your best content on your social media pages.


Use CTAs and Prevent Doubts

Communication and content may be the bread and butter of your digital presence, but without a clear call to action, turning views into leads will be trickier. Make it simple – where can the consumer go to purchase your product or service? Additionally, if they have a question, provide a way for them to easily contact your business. Always anticipate queries and provide answers right on your website – think through what may be confusing, or consider the questions customer service gets asked most frequently. Avoid any loopholes that would disengage consumers. There should be no reason for them to hold back from a purchase. 


Start Your Journey to Brand Simplicity

Ready to freshen up your existing website or create a new site that gets you in front of your ideal customers? Need a digital marketing plan that will hook the right consumers?


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