Physical Therapist got their Marketing Back on Track

They approached Hyport Digital to help them increase their online visibility and attract new patients to their clinic.

Project Overview

Hyport Digital recommended running a Google Ads campaign to target potential patients who were searching for physical therapy services in the area. They created a keyword-rich campaign and tailored ad copy to match the needs of the target audience.


Physical Therapy


SEM Results:

Over a twelve-month period, the Google Ads campaign generated 2,359 clicks to the physical therapist’s website, resulting in a click-through rate of 4.9%. In addition, 91% of the ads were shown on the top page of Google search results, increasing the physical therapist’s online visibility and attracting more potential patients to their website.

Click Through Rate
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Website Design

The first step was to implement an acquisition email marketing campaign. The Hyport Digital team begun by creating and sending targeted emails to a list of prospects who have shown interest in pet products or services in the surrounding Colorado area.


By partnering with Hyport Digital and running a Google Ads campaign, the physical therapist was able to increase their online visibility and attract new patients to their clinic. The campaign generated a significant number of clicks and a high click-through rate, indicating that the ad copy and targeting strategy were effective. Overall, the campaign was a success and helped the physical therapist achieve their goal of attracting more patients to their clinic.

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