The Importance of Having a Strong Facebook Business Page


People are relying on the internet more than ever: for researching local services, scheduling appointments, communicating with businesses, and much more. Gone are the days when the typical consumer dials a business’s phone number – they are now finding answers to their questions through three main sources: Search engines, company websites, and social media pages. Is your business catering to the modern-day consumer? You’ll want to ask yourself how does my online presence stack up against my competition in this rapidly changing digital age? Do your website and social platforms contain crucial information that users are looking for? Can users schedule an appointment easily online? If not, you’ll want to fine-tune your website and social platforms to better serve today’s consumer.


According to a Facebook statement, there are more than one billion active monthly users on Facebook. Is your business hitting this audience? Facebook holds the potential for your brand to thrive! Use this platform to your brand’s advantage to reach new customers, keep in touch with the old and existing customers, and ultimately, create a community around your business. 


You may wonder what the point of having a Facebook business page really is. You may already be active on Instagram and LinkedIn, so what’s the point in adding another social platform into the mix? The answer is easy – Facebook is the single most popular social media platform. It has the highest number of daily users, and has unique features that help foster conversions and increase exposure. We’re going to dive into the top four benefits of owning a Facebook business page!


Build a Community 

Ever wonder how businesses create a community around their brand? This doesn’t just happen overnight! Businesses have to work strategically to create an engaging community that’s truly relevant for its members. Depending on what kind of business you own, you could hold a variety of events to bring customers together. Do you offer a service? Then maybe hosting a workshop would be a great way to not only bring customers together but showcase your unique skills. If your business offers a product, you could host a shopping event. A great example of a company building a community around its brand is Lululemon. They host workout classes right in their store – which is directly related to their mission of living a healthy, active life. 


Consider what you have to offer: How can consumers learn from you? Did you start your business? Being an entrepreneur could be a great excuse to host events or workshops! Share your story, offer tips, and open up a Q&A session. As long as there is something people know they can gain from your event, you’ll likely enjoy a good turnout. Events, workshops, and conferences bring people together and help to foster a community – which most adults are looking for. Create value for your audience and provide them with meaningful tools and advice to improve their lives. 


So whether you’re a hair salon, real estate agent, or a boutique, you can easily provide resources for customers to schedule their appointments, learn more about your business, and attend events that you host.


Gain Insight on Your Audience 

You may have a general idea as to who your audience is, based on who comes into your store. But did you know you can gain so many more metrics through a Facebook business page? Through Facebook Insights, you can gain metrics on your page likes, post reach, and engagement levels. These analytics provide daily and monthly insights – you’ll be able to track the progress of your Facebook business page, and the success of your content. 


You can also learn who is visiting your page. You’ll have access to the demographics of who landed on and engaged with your page in the last 28 days, as well as who has liked your page. We recommend keeping track of your analytics over a couple of months and compiling the data in order to create a marketing strategy that truly caters to your audience. For example, if you have a younger, female audience, think about how this is different from your initial strategy of a broad target market.  


Facebook Business Tools 

Simply put, Facebook is catering to businesses. It is now easier than ever to run a successful Facebook business page, and your page can even have the functionality of a website. Now, we don’t recommend neglecting your website – it is important to keep both your website and social media pages stocked with content, imagery, videos, and crucial information about your business! 


When you have a Facebook business page, you can manage appointments, create events and send out invitations, host job listings, sell products directly from your page, and also post blogs, videos, press releases, and any additional company updates. So whether you’re a hair salon, real estate agent, or a boutique, you can easily provide resources for customers to schedule their appointments, learn more about your business, and attend events that you host.


It’s simple: The more places you post your content, the more likely it is to get viewed. When your brand message is maximized, you’re putting your brand in a position to grow.


The best part? It costs nothing to launch a Facebook business page. All the features are free, so you’re reaching your audience in a cost-effective manner. What do you have to lose?


Build Connections with Your Audience 

Get to know your audience: What are they looking for and what do they value? Is your brand meeting their expectations, or is there room to grow? Your brand won’t grow without tuning into your audience’s buying behavior. You’ll need to understand them from a human perspective – do they value strong customer service, fast shipping, or limited-time sales? Find out what your audience values in a brand, and tune into that. Cater your brand’s content around these factors, whether it be customer testimonials raving about how great your customer service is, or talking up your fast shipping. Is shipping free, or can they receive free shipping on their first order? Talk about the perks of your business… and be sure your customer hears.



Be sure to set up your Facebook business page for success. Turn on automatic Facebook messages, set up polls, utilize the story feature, and engage with users who comment on your page. Make sure your response time is within the same business day; users don’t want to wait too long. If too much time passes, they may find a new company to work with. Avoid this by turning on notifications and electing one team member to respond to social media users. Just like you have someone to answer your phone, you’ll need to have someone who manages your social media pages.


By understanding, and therefore valuing, your audience, you’ll foster more leads, generate higher exposure, and create a loyal customer base. 


The best part? It costs nothing to launch a Facebook business page. All the features are free, so you’re reaching your audience in a cost-effective manner that encourages engagement and growth. What do you have to lose?



The marketing specialists at Hyport Digital can help your business build an impactful Facebook business page that increases exposure and generates more leads. Interested in getting started?

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