Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing in 2023


When you’re searching for a product review, cooking tutorial, or even to learn more about a destination, where do you look? For three-quarters of American adults, the answer is YouTube, according to a study by Pew Research Center. It’s simple – users would rather watch videos to learn about a specific topic than read about it. Videos are also much more accessible than traditional forms of media. They’re often free, you can find the video you’re looking for within seconds (thanks to SEO), and you can watch wherever you want. Not to mention, videos are more engaging and give consumers quick, straight-forward answers. 


More companies are using video marketing than ever because it gives businesses an opportunity to connect with potential customers and boost brand recognition on a global scale. Especially if your brand is new to the scene, taking advantage of video marketing will increase your chances of being discovered, gain relevance, and boost ROI. 


Regardless of what industry your company is in, the benefits of video marketing are limitless. Content is easier to share when it’s in video form, which explains why social videos generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined.


With all this in mind, we’re going to jump into the top five reasons brands should start exploring video marketing today.


1. Boost brand awareness.

People like to consume visual media – gone are the days when you come home from work and merely read the newspaper. People today go straight to their electronic devices to unwind, whether using their mobile device, laptop, tablet, or television. Many people even use their electronics while cooking, exercising, and checking off household chores. Remain relevant among your target audience by posting videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This is the way to get on consumers’ radar in 2021.


2. Increase ROI.

More than half of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social video content, according to Tubular Insights. You heard that right! If you don’t use video marketing, you are missing valuable opportunities to boost conversions and connect with new customers. Videos allow your brand to tell a story and reach the consumers you may have not otherwise, putting them on the path to becoming buyers.


3. Build consumer trust.

Video marketing provides the opportunity to humanize your company – you’re putting a face and voice to your brand, and videos allow you to tell the story of your business. Whether you’re introducing your company culture, showcasing a product or service, or just providing tips, consumers will feel better about making a purchase once they’ve put a face or voice to the brand. If a consumer has never made a purchase from you before, more than likely they will be hesitant to do so. Video marketing allows you to build trust with your target audience and create a brand narrative for newcomers, leading to buy-in.


4. Attract mobile users.

Mobile devices and videos go hand in hand. Just think about it: Are you more likely to watch a video through the convenience of your phone or on a computer? With Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram being the top social apps, users are increasingly consuming more hours of video content while on the go.


Instagram Reels are taking over the app, and the Reels are only going to become bigger. By putting your brand in the video mix, and literally in customers’ hands, you’re increasing visibility, boosting traffic to your website, and growing sales.


5. Increase SEO.

Did you know Google owns YouTube? Posting content on YouTube will improve your SEO rankings and help your company gain relevance among users. When you post videos on YouTube, you’re building your brand’s SEO and improving your overall online ranking. Incorporate SEO-friendly language in the title of your video as well as the description. YouTube also allows you to select video categories that can increase the visibility of your content. We recommend conducting key phrase research to gain insight on trending topics within your industry and capitalizing on these subjects by tagging them as appropriate. Create a blend of content based on the main components of your industry. Additionally, always link back to your website and ensure you’re using SEO-friendly language.


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