Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing


Did you know 80% of home buyers search online for their next home? The days of meeting your real estate sales goals entirely through word of mouth and local networking events are over. If you aren’t using an online presence to connect with potential buyers and sellers, then you are missing out.


With technology and digital tools ever evolving, it might feel overwhelming to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements for your real estate business. Not to worry! We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite digital marketing trends you can start implementing today.



2023 Real Estate Marketing Trends

The overarching themes in marketing we are MOST excited for in 2019 are trust, authenticity, and relationship building. If you can take these ideas and combine them with new technological innovations, you’ll likely see an uptick in online leads.



Automating EVERYTHING is the key to really getting in front of your target clients without physically having to be in all places and on all platforms at once. Batching social media posts and scheduling them through a tool like Buffer or Agorapulse can help you stay consistent and save you a lot of valuable time. Another great automation tool is a chat bot for Facebook Messenger. You can create messaging sequences that interact with interested clients who sign up to receive your messages through Facebook.


For real estate agents, this is a great chance to court perspective sellers by making conversation and sharing testimonials. For buyers, you could blast out listings to specific recipients. The key is to make any messaging as engaging and personable as possible to keep your ideal client reading. Great options for this automation trick include ManyChat and MobileMonkey.



Adding Value Through Content

One of the very best ways to get in front of targeted potential clients is to add value to all your posts. What exactly does that mean? It means spending time thinking about who your ideal real estate client is and how you can uniquely solve one of their biggest problems. Once you know their biggest pain point, you can craft posts, emails, videos, and stories addressing the specific issue. Chances are the people you are hoping to reach will feel like you’re speaking directly to them.


Stumped on what your prospects’ problems or questions might be? Poll your social media followers and current mailing list to see what they need from you. Then turn that into content gold!




If you take nothing else away from this article, please remember this:

Video is revolutionizing how we connect digitally with our ideal clients. There is a pretty good chance your ideal buyer or seller is already consuming other video content. They may even be browsing sites like YouTube to search for topics, cities, and other matters of interest. Why not address those subjects in your own videos? To determine what kind of video content your potential customers want, conduct a brief keyword search on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to see popular results.


Another great video-related tip is about going “live.” For many the idea of live video is terrifying. But trust us when we say it gets easier. The more consistently you show up on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube live, the more you bring value to your audience, the better your engagement rate will be, and the more confident you will feel. In the words of famed marketer Amy Porterfield, “just keep showing up” no matter what.



A great example of a real estate agent using video to connect on an emotional level is Jessica Riffle Edwards and her YouTube efforts. Jessica was ahead of the curve when she started using video on YouTube and other social channels to show off her city, answer questions, and of course, feature listings.  


A key thing to keep in mind is the most effective videos showcase an agent’s unique selling abilities as well as sell the lifestyle they want to present to clients.


Boost Engagement with Instagram Stories

If live video or long-form video content seems too daunting for you, try creating stories on Instagram and Facebook. The main purpose of these short video clips is to give your viewers a taste of who you are, what you offer, and how you can uniquely help them while also providing a glimpse behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid of having a little fun with your stories as this will help you build a captivated, loyal base of potential leads. Stories will also help you build that trust and authenticity we talked about in the beginning.



Run Facebook & YouTube Ads

Many real estate agents are leery of trying out pay-per-click advertising because they don’t want to fork over their hard-earned commission to get in front of their target market. We totally understand that objection. The truth is, with paid digital advertising, the process you go through is an art – not a science. As digital marketers, we wish there was an exact formula that works every single time, but unfortunately, what works for one company may not work for yours. But we still recommend testing out a variety of advertising styles and objectives to see what fits for you and your audience, even if that means ponying up some precious pennies.


Facebook Page Marketing to Show Off Listings

Though Facebook Business pages have seen a steep decline in reach over the past year and a half, they are still an amazing way to build relationships and showcase the unique knowledge you possess. Even if your Facebook page isn’t the main place you focus your energy, be sure to use it to build up credibility with potential clients and, of course, show off new listings. With social media marketing, and especially Facebook, consistency is key, so be sure to plan ahead and use scheduling tools to keep the marketing momentum going.


We hope these digital marketing trends, ideas, tips, and tricks have sparked a renewed passion for connecting with your clients and building those relationships in an authentic way.


Confused on how to get started? Need a helping hand? Contact our team to see how we can make your marketing pop.


The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

The post Trends 2023: Real Estate Marketing appeared first on Hyport Digital.

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