Premium paid search packages that will help you expand your customer reach and increase website traffic.
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Rise Above Your Competition

Obtaining a high Google ad visibility is a competitive process. Paid search results appear first above any organic search results, giving you the first look and competitive advantage.

  • Pay-Per-Click
    You only pay for the ad when a user clicks the link on your paid search result, which means you pay when there’s a successful action.
  • Partnership with Google
    As a Google Partner, we’ve demonstrated our ability to maximize campaign success and drive client growth according to Google best practices and client best interests.
  • Call Tracking
    Track your phone call conversions with our optional call tracking feature. Use the recordings to improve your staff’s customer service skills and maximize customer retention.

SEM and SEO Synergy

It’s important to combine strategies for paid and organic search. Both are vital for generating website traffic and converting site visitors into loyal customers. When comparing SEM vs. SEO, start with your ultimate goals. If you want immediate traffic to a specific landing page or your homepage, invest in SEM. SEO is crucial for long-term success and continues to bring in visitors overtime. 

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What's Next?

SEM will bring your ad to the top of the search engine page rankings. SEM is helpful when you’re just launching a new website or when you’re looking for traffic to a specific landing page. Here’s a look at the process for completing a successful SEM campaign.


Kick-Off Call

Your Client Success Manager will connect with you to confirm your business goals.



Approve keywords and ad text.



Your ad launches on Google.



Our team will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments.